Ethnic Minority Sector Fact Sheets

Race for Opportunity has produced a series of sector factsheets. These factsheets, covering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Media, Retail, Legal and Business, Finance Administration and Mathematics (BFAM), are packed with information and statistics, highlighting trends specific to each of the sectors.


Business and Finance - 2008 figures suggest that less than 6% of partners in accountancy firms are from an ethnic minority background, and this figure falls to 3% in the big four." Ethnic Minorities in Business and Finance Administration and Mathematics.
Fact Sheet:  Ethnic Minorities in the Business Sector 

Law Ten years ago the percentage of practising certificate holders drawn from ethnic minority groups was 4.9%, - it is now 10%.

"One of our key strategic objectives on our diversity and inclusion agenda is to widen the pool from which we recruit. A vital part of this strategy is to focus on building a diverse pipeline of talent studying STEM subjects. Our Diversity and Inclusion team works closely with our Recruitment teams to ensure that we are advertising through a wide range of channels to ensure success"

- Janet Hogben,
Chief People Officer, EDF Energy
MediaIn the UK advertising employs around 26,500 people and contributes £1.4 billion to the UK economy each year. Nearly 70% of the industry’s workforce are based in London yet 94% of the advertising workforce is white".
Retail Sector Almost 8% of the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP) of the UK is generated by the retail section. 25% of ethnic minority households earned over £30,000 in 2000. 
STEM - ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths )
There are a significant number of British BAME students who are specifically studying STEM-related subjects at UK universities - one fifth of all UK-domiciled STEM students are from a BAME background and as such, are an essential part of the UK STEM talent pipeline. This factsheet gives an insight to the choices made by our BAME STEM students by subject, location and gender as well as a preview of the secondary school pipeline.
It is designed to offer organisations guidance on where to target recruitment campaigns.
PDF iconFact Sheet: Ethnic Minorities in the STEM Sector   
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