5. Know What to Do

A good starting point on equality and diversity is to have a diversity and inclusion policy. If the policy is to work, you will need to have the support of key decision makers in your organisation who should agree the policy content and commitments. It should be regularly monitored and reviewed. The policy should be developed in conjunction with employees and communicated to all employees/employee representatives.

Actions you can take:

  • Ensure that recruitment is fair and open  and that all jobs are widely advertised.
  • Consider training for all new starters/managers, with follow up training every three years
  • Be  open -minded towards diversity of candidates during selection for promotion.
  • Hold networking events for managers where preconceptions about diversity can be raised.
  • Talk to other businesses in your sector and share good examples of best practice
  • Engage with employees and employee representatives through networking groups and make sure all managers and supervisors do so too.
  • Job Centre Plus can help you advertise your vacancies to a diverse range of people.

Knowing who can give you good advice and support is also important and free advice is available from many organisations.