Know Why It Matters

Latest research and statistics tell us that the UK workforce is diverse, as is the emerging and future workforce - 1-6 of UK domiciled graduates at UK universities are from an ethnic minority background; 1 in 5 of young people in secondary school education are from an ethnic minority background and a quarter, 1 in 4 of children in primary school education are from an ethnic minority background. The reason why your organisation should get involved in attracting, recruiting, retaining and progressing ethnic minority talent, is commonly known as the 'business case for race'.

 Actions you can take:

  • Ensure as an employer you get the best person for the job by not overlooking any groups – particularly important in challenging economic times.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the new regulations coming in under the Equality Act 2010, this will help you to win public sector contracts, and help protect your company from discrimination cases.
  • Recognise that customers expect to do business with organisations that look like the communities they operate in, ensuring as far as possible that you are one of those businesses.
  • Know where to find out more: The business case for diversity 


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