Benchmarking Survey Testimonials



''Benchmarking has been hugely influential to our organisational success. The latest structure for reporting has inspired us to deliver an improved capacity for HR data kinetics - enabling us to concentrate our efforts on themes such as the progression of our Race and Gender talent pool. The feedback we have received has been both positive and focussed. It has facilitated direct engagement with our Senior Leadership teams and enabled us to draw together thematic issues to deliver a collegiate approach. In sum, a thoroughly worthwhile exercise which we would invite other organisations to consider.''

Harry Brown
Warrant Officer

Nationwide Building Society

''Completing the benchmarking certainly focuses the mind but the process is invaluable! Not only does it give us the opportunity to celebrate what we are doing well, we get clear and comprehensive data that supports our programme in both Race and Gender, highlighting any areas where we need to focus our attention. The feedback report in particular is a powerful tool for engagement with our sponsors and project board''.

Karen Heaven
Employee Network Manager

Northumbrian Water Ltd

''Completing the Opportunity Now benchmarking tool has helped focus our approach to gender diversity. The personalised feedback of our results has been particularly valuable and we have had some great suggestions about how we might develop our strategy further. It is also useful to be able to track our progress from year to year with an objective, external benchmark''.

Sophie Pickup
Learning & Development Manager

Leicestershire Police

''The online benchmarking process is really easy to understand, navigate and complete. The support we have received from our Diversity Advisor has been fantastic. They are always on hand to answer any queries and have provided some great networking opportunities with local contacts who are also undertaking the benchmarking exercise. The feedback reports are easy to understand and provide clear recommendations, allowing us to focus our energies on where we need to make further progress''.

Lynne Woodward
Head of Equality and Human Rights