British Telecom - champion of race diversity

BT is the largest telecommunications company in the UK, employing 90,520 people (full, part-time and job share) worldwide of which 75,217 people are employed in the UK

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything at BT.  Having an inclusive culture has enabled it to become an employer of choice, winning a number of awards and achieving a top 10 place in both the Race for Opportunity and Opportunity Now benchmarks in 2012 as well as to increase employee engagement.


Valuing diversity is an important part of employee engagement which not only promotes employee wellbeing but also excites and motivates people. This is why diversity is an integral part of organisational health and business success

- Dr Paul Litchfield,
Chief Medical Officer and Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

In order to provide the best, most creative and diverse products and services to their diverse customer base, they have created a working environment where their workforce can imagine, create and deliver the solutions their customers need now and into the future.


BT encourages its people to take ownership of diversity issues and as a result BT now has seven employee networks operating across the organisation – for Women, Ethnic Minorities, LGBT, Disabilities, Carers, Christians and Muslims.  These networks collaborate with the Diversity and Inclusion team to develop the diversity strategy in BT.



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