The Army - champion of race equality

The British Army is a modern and professional defence force tasked with protecting the UK and its interests both at home and abroad. 112,000 Regular and Reserve personnel by 2015.




Diversity is core business for the Ministry of Defence in order to encourage people throughout society to join us, remain with us, make their distinctive contributions and achieve their full potential. Land operations now and in the future will require the British Army to engage, influence and operate with populations, Armed forces and individuals of many different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. The Army recognises and values race diversity between people, focusing on fairness for the individual, their potential and what they contribute. The Army is inclusive and does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or abuse. It ensures that each individual is treated fairly, with dignity and respect and that the diversity of our workforce increases operational effectiveness.

The Army aims for its staff to have a greater understanding of race diversity through:

LEADERSHIP – Army-wide commitment by all levels of command is critical: to success on operations; to meeting our commitment to being a fair employer; and to secure the Army’s reputation. The start point will be the achievement of a common understanding, which will identify where our challenges with race diversity truly lie.

KNOWLEDGE – Equality and Diversity training will be stepped up to improve Army-wide understanding of race diversity.

CONFIDENCE – Confidence will be addressed by improving the responses to complaints at all levels and better support of both minority groups and commanders. This will be delivered through further exploitation of Equality and Diversity Advisors, Diversity Advocates, the Army Mediation Service and the Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Helpline. Additionally Ethnic Minority recruiting targets will be set and monitored.

The Army is focusing on recruiting and retention and their impact of orgnanisational performance and culture.

RECRUITING – The Army works closely with its diversity and inclusion teams, the Army’s Recruit Partnering Project and its civilian marketing agencies. We have an Ethnic Minority Recruiting Committee that shares best practise between Regional Commanders, the Diversity Action Recruiting Team and interact frequently with  internal and external media.

RETENTION – The Army has engagement with its Ethnic Minorities through its Employee Support Networks. The networks give the Army the opportunity to hear, listen and learn in a way that no survey could ever achieve.