Continuing to embrace diversity

In these challenging times commitment to diversity and inclusion has the power to make a difference writes our guest blogger, Megan Horsburgh, Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Sodexo UK & Ireland.  

It is without a doubt a challenging time in the UK with much uncertainty and a political landscape which is changing beyond recognition as we work through the emotions, as well as the technical process, of leaving the EU.

There has been much media attention dedicated to the regions that voted in and out, the voting preferences of the different generations and the worrying increase in discriminatory incidents taking place in our schools, on our transport system and in our streets.

Less reported are the acts of solidarity. It is my view that at this time, perhaps more so than ever in recent history , it is important that we, as friends, family, neighbours and strangers support one another regardless of our differences. Whilst not necessarily headline grabbing a small simple act of kindness or of solidarity can make a huge difference because we never really know how people are really feeling on the inside.

My heart has been warmed seeing roses handed out to immigrants in Bristol and some social media campaigns receiving attention (#LoveOurEUStaff and #safetypin).

It is not always easy to speak up if you hear or see something discriminatory but each and every one of us has the ability to serve as change agents and to ensure that so called ‘brexit bullying’ and the  ‘casual racism’ do not become the new norm and the legacy of this change in our great nation.

At Sodexo we have been committed to diversity and inclusion for many years, and it is times like these which remind us of the importance of that commitment and the opportunity we have to make a difference, not just to our colleagues but also to our clients, customers and the communities in which we live and work.

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