Achievement and Success at Roast



Sandra Kerr OBE, National Director,  Race for Opportunity brings us up to date on the activities of the Youth Advisory Panel and with one panel member in particular.


The Youth Advisory panel (YAP) has been working with the  RfO board on development opportunities.  With the YAP having made such a huge contribution to developing the thinking of the board on how we campaign and make change, it’s now important that we make sure that YAP themselves get the development opportunities they need to make the next steps in their careers.   

Iqbal Wahhabb OBE, previously an RfO board member, founder of Tandoori Magazine and multi-award winning restaurants The Cinnamon Club and Roast has kindly agreed to mentor Karl Jackson, and will be giving him two weeks paid work experience at Roast. 

Karl was the inspiration behind setting up the RfO youth panel,  when he as a part of the theatre group Arc performed at Google for the RfO board.  You can see his Success and Opportunity video on the There is Hope- Voices to Make Change Happen page.
This is a powerful example of a business leader putting their money when their mouth is and creating an opportunity for a young person who might not otherwise have had it.  Roast shows how it should be done  – Iqbal has a clear line of progression for people who join his business.  Development opportunities are available.  I think a transparent ladder of progression is key to not only attracting great people to your business and industry but an important key to helping build aspiration to develop and progress. 

I am calling on all businesses to consider offering opportunities for young people, and to have transparent ladders of progression within their organisations.  We’ll only tackle diversity at work if everyone has access to information about what potential there is within an organisation for them to grow and develop, and some indicators about practical steps to help them succeed.  

Thank you Iqbal, for your leadership, and good luck Karl building a career in the sector.