Brigadier Mark Abraham, OBE, Chief of Staff Support Command; The British Army









Brigadier Mark Abraham completed training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1982 and served initially in Germany. He later moved back to UK spending 2 years as the diving officer of a landing craft regiment and several years as a Commando in the UK and Norway. He was an adjutant in the first Gulf War in 1991 in Kuwait and Iraq before attending the Army’s Staff College. This was followed by appointments in training and the Ministry of Defence. He returned to the Field Army as a Squadron Commander and later as a Commanding Officer of a Regiment that, during his time, served in Iraq, Afghanistan and took on the responsibility for providing emergency fire service in three counties during the 2003 Fireman’s Strike.  

He has subsequently been a Divisional Director at the Command and Staff College and worked in Army policy and doctrine. He was the head of Employment, Equality and Diversity for 3 years and is now a Chief of Staff.  He sits on the board of Race for Opportunity and has advised the US and other nations on multiculturalism in Armed Forces.