Key findings from ten years of commitment and innovation in progressing BAME people in the workplace.
The race equality awards were established to provide a vehicle for employers to showcase best practice. The past ten years have provided a rich source of best practice and guidance collated in this document with a focus on Leadership / Progression / Recruitment / Engagement / and Impact. 
The UK’s current and future talent pool is changing, as is today’s business environment and so the business imperative to adapt and develop the workplace has never been greater.
What are the key features of the 21st Century Workforce- its challenges and opportunities?
What should UK business do to remain highly productive and competitive amidst tough trading conditions and a rapidly changing marketplace?
A two part toolkit designed to assist the building of a robust global diversity strategy.
The campaign's work continues:
The results of Census 2011, will give a true reflection of the composition of the UK population and probably highlight the growth of its ethnic minority communities. The need to support employers in creating diverse and inclusive environments will be even greater, including the need to address key issues around globalisation and social mobility.