Balanced boards

Matthew Wyles, Group Distribution Director, Nationwide Building Society
Ben Castell, Partner, UK and Global Advisory Leader for Consumer Products, Ernst and Young
Peter Prozesky, Chief Nuclear Officer Region 3 (Sizewell B, Heysham 2, Torness)
Kashif Zafar, Head of Rates Distribution and E-Distribution, Barclays
Anne Watts, Independent Advisor
Adrian Joseph, Director, Enterprise Analytics Services, EMEA, Google
Race for Opportunity, the race campaign from Business in the Community.
British society is becoming more multiethnic and culturally diverse by the day. This is increasingly reflected in every aspect of popular culture from sport to fashion. But is it reflected where it counts most - in the boardrooms and middle management of companies and organisations, where black and minority ethnic workers can be strong role models for the upcoming generation aspiring to positions of real influence on British society? Business in the Community’s Race for Opportunity (RfO) campaign is committed to speeding up the progress of ethnic minority people in the workplace. To establish the scale of the challenge, we commissioned ground breaking research to find out exactly how much progress black, Asian and minority ethnic groups (BAME) have made in reaching the higher echelons of business and public services.