• Only one in 16 people from a Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background are in a senior leadership position in contrast to a rapidly changing demographic of the working age population. Today one in eight of the working age population is from a BAME background, and one in four of children in primary and secondary education is from a BAME background. The changing demographic profile of the current and emerging UK workforce means that action now will impact the make-up of senior management and leadership of the future.
  • Employers need a step-change in action if we are going to ensure that the management and senior leadership gap actually closes so that all ethnic minority groups are represented at the top tables across the UK.
  • We need more leaders willing to call the names of diverse talent in the rooms where the opportunities for progression, stretch, and development are discussed and created.

Take action

  • We need to ensure that ethnic minority people are included in talent pipelines, in sufficient number, so that the ethnicity gap at the top begins to close at a rate proportionate to the changing diversity of the future working age population. 
  • We are calling for more leaders to lead from the front. Race at Work spotlights that senior leaders as race champions and/or executive sponsors are more likely to exist in some sectors than others.

 Recommendations for Government

  • We are asking the Government to support the recommendation for ‘and race’ to be fully incorporated in the Financial Reporting Council UK Corporate Governance Code in 2016.  
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Recommendations for employers

  • Executive team and board members to take personal commitment for bringing the issue of race inequality to the top table within their organisation and with their peers. 
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  • Become a mentor within your organisation or join the Cross Organisational Mentoring Circles Programme as a lead mentor.
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  • Senior leaders to act as sponsors and advocates for diverse talent from BAME backgrounds and ensure they are included in the discussions around opportunities to develop and showcase their talents.
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  • Employers should ask Head Hunters and Executive Search consultants for a diverse slate of candidates using census data to understand the diversity of talent from local and national talent pools.
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Case studies

We think it is important to link the champion/executive sponsor individual’s responsibilities to objectives and include a job description for a race champion, which in turn creates accountability.  We have collated some reflections from senior leaders across our network to inspire leaders to step up as champions an executive sponsors - something that is key to leadership on race diversity in the UK workplace.  
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Increase your engagement

Race champion job description

If you do not have a senior leader engaged in your organisation, use this template to begin to engage a senior leader within your organisation.
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Race Champion Award 2016

If you have a senior leader within your organisation who is active in promoting race and diversity in the workplace consider entering in them for our Champion Award.  
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2016 will be the 10th Anniversary of the Race Awards and it will be great to have a broad showcase of leaders from across all sectors in the UK.
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