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The Business Case

  • Race equality in the UK will potentially bring a £24bn per year boost to the UK economy - 1.3% GDP -  that is £481 million per week.1
  • Organisations with more diverse teams have 35% better financial returns.2
  • Only 1 in 16 people at senior levels in the private and public sector are from a BAME background.3
  • Only 33% of employees stated that they have a senior level champion for diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. 4​


Take Action

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Recommendations from Race in the Workplace: 

  • Leaders and executive sponsors to encourage their employees to declare their ethnicity, set targets for representation and publish them and monitor pay by ethnic group.5
  • Leaders should engage in reverse mentoring. 6  
  • Take leadership. The executive team and board members should make a personal commitment to bring the issue of race equality to the top table within their organisation and to the attention of their peers. 7


Trends from the Best Employers for Race list 2017

87% of private sectors employers and 88% of public sector employers who took part in the listing had established a Race Champion at a board or senior executive level. The Best Employers for Race are clearly outperforming the national average of 33% with a diversity champion. 

Business in the Community's Race at Work report called for leaders to engage in mentoring and Race in the Workplace recommendations echoed these calls for action and engagement.

86% of employers in the Best Employers for Race listing stated that their senior leaders were engaged in a two-way mentoring model, mutual mentoring/reverse mentoring.


Strategic Action on Leadership

The Government’s Race Disparity Audit Ethnicity Facts and Figures website launched in October 2017 provides baseline data on unemployment rates nationally and by location, to support employers in setting targets to increase the representation of their workforces to reflect the diversity of the available talent pool. The website is unprecedented in scope, scale and transparency, and sets out data from across Government on more than 130 topics about how outcomes in public services differ by ethnicity, including in education, employment, health, housing and criminal justice.  

The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report, A Road Map for Race Equality written in collaboration with Business in the Community, Runnymede, Operation Black Vote and BTEG, as a response to the  Government’s Race Disparity Audit Ethnicity Facts and Figures, commits to action leadership on Employment, Education, Housing, Health and Criminal Justice. 

The Parker Review, Beyond One by '21, published in October 2017, outlined the importance of diversity on boards and calls for employers to take action on a number of recommendations.  








Enterprise Rent-A-Car / Leadership taking strategic action towards diversity and inclusion (2017)
5% of UK Directors now include the MD and FD, 20.8% of UK employees are now BAME,  17.% of managers are BAME and 28.1% of new hires are BAME.
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Inclusive Boards
66 Government-funded sports organisations supported to improve diversity within governance.  23 BME candidates placed on governance boards in the third and public sectors.
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Royal Bank of Scotland / Leadership and mainstreaming ethnicity into business thinking (2017)
First BAME non-executive Director appointed in May 2017.  60% of RBS employees have undertaken some form of unconscious bias training.
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John Lewis/ Chairman’s ethnic minority goals (2017)
The number of BAME managers has increased from 8.3% in 2014 to 1456 out of 90,000 (8.7%) in 2017.
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Resources to help you take further action

Inclusive succession planning will ensure diversity in your talent pipeline for key senior level roles in your organisation.
Download the Inclusive Succession Planning  toolkit >>

Developed to and offer guidance on the implementation of diversity objectives through an existing or new appraisal process.
Download the Diversity Objectives and Performance Appraisal toolkit >> 

 Research:  Race At Work 2018 - The Scorecard Report  ​Race at the Top >>  ​               
      Watch:   Race at Work webinar on Leadership >>



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