Race in the Workplace

The McGregor-Smith Review into Race in the Workplace found that if Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) talent is fully utilised, the economy could receive a £24bn boost each year. Every person, regardless of their ethnicity or background, should be able to fulfil their potential at work.  The Review set out a Road Map for Success for employers and government. 

The six points are:

  1. Gather data 
  2. Take accountability
  3. Raise awareness
  4. Examine recruitment
  5. Change processes 
  6. Government support

We have distilled these actions into three key priorities of Leadership, Progression and Recruitment. This makes it easy for employers to find the support they need, with case studies for inspiration, on how to attract, recruit, retain and progress talented people from BAME backgrounds and how to build and maintain pipelines of diverse talent within organisations.

The Race Disparity Audit Ethnicity Facts and Figures website provides baseline data that will help employers take forward the recommendations from the Review. The data enables employers to set targets for recruitment using national and local demographic insight on levels of employment and the diversity of the local talent pools of people looking for work, which can help them to target and focus their outreach and attraction strategies.

This portal of best practice is a recommendation from the Review.  If you have a great case study that you want to include or if you know of a powerful network or organisation that can be of support to employers, please submit the case study by email to MSReviewportal@org.uk

The Let's Talk About Race pocket guide, authored by Sandra Kerr  MBE,  is a key resource written in response to a  recommendation in the Race in the Workplace review.  Download your copy >>



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Behind each icon are resources that will support your organisation in making a difference.



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