Awards 2012 Showcase

Welcome to the Race for Opportunity Awards 2012 showcase. This page features links to the winning and highly commended award entries presented at the Awards Dinner 9 October 2012 sponsored by Google,Shell and Barclays. The complete set of shortlisted cast studies can be read in the awards case study booklet that can be viewed and downloaded on this page.

Highlights Of The Evening

George the Poet: The Perception of Colour. 

My perception of colour can be altered by a Simple adjustment to my eyes. Therefore Navy blue could be baby blue, so Why do we treat colour the way we do? We don't know what an objective perception is because we Can't overcome how subjective the spectrum is. Life is a collage of views you perceive, and That preconditions what you choose to believe, so if Navy blue could be baby blue then the Problem and the solution may be you. Allow me to explain. All we really have is the perceptible, the tangible And of course the ability to understand it all. So why do humans act so strange in a World full of facts when the facts don't change? You'd Think we could at least agree on what's not fair and dis- Tinguish between validity and hot air because you be- lieve in the ability of humankind to figure out Anything given enough room and time. And a- Cross the board that affects how you perform; it's the Reason why when in doubt you conform. Cos you Feel like collectively we have enough intelligence to pur- sue what we want, and we want what's best. Therefore a social democratic agenda constantly presents us with new prospects. So what's next? Sit around and wait for the change to come?  

- extract from the thought provoking poem by George The Poet

The Award Winners and Highly Commended Entries 

Collaboration and Partnership Award 
Winner  Taylor Bennett
Highly Commended Royal Airforce

Employee Network - (Private Sector) 
Winner Barclays

Employee Network- (Publc Sector)
Winner Crown Prosecution Service
Highly Commended DCLG

Winner HSBC

Innovation Award
Winner Enterprise Rent A Car
Highly Commended Bartle Bogle Hegarty + HSBC

Leadership Award
Winner Goldman Sachs

Mentoring Award
Winner Shell 
Highly Commended  Rare Recruitment

Widening the Talent Pool 
Winner KPMG
Highly Commended The BBC

Youth Partnership Award
Winner Transport for London
Highly Commended The Hyde Group