Performance Mentoring

Guidance on how to conduct performance mentoring.

Race for Opportunity research1 shows that employees, from every ethnic group, at every level and in every profession say that they are working in poor, uninspiring and unsatisfactory managerial relationships.   Employees can also feel that their discretionary effort is going unrecognised, their capability to do more and be more, achieving personal ambitions as well as organisational targets is being frustrated.

Research1 also shows that accountability to organisational goals has a significant influence on a managers' behaviour, a fact that could negatively impact on team development initiatives.

This guide is designed to provide practical and pragmatic guidance on how to address daily working challenges. To improve individual as well as organisational outcomes in terms of performance and progression. In addition this guide will help managers to be more effective at developing each of the people who reports directly to them so that:

  • all employees achieve their desired workplace ambitions;
  • managers will be more successful,in their management and development role.

Performance mentoring is the second level of the hierarchy of value2, where a flow of behaviour progresses positive and nurturing working relationships.

Value Hierarchy





1 Race to Progress
2 Progression Toolkit - Bridging the Value Gap