Job Description for a Race Champion Stage 2

Developing the role and role responsibilities

Promote and keep race issues on the organisation's agenda and be prepared to challenge traditional values and assumptions.

  • Act as the organisation's ambassador/spokesperson on articles/conferences and attend occasional meetings with other sponsors.
  • Implement the corporate vision and strategy in terms of race diversity.
  • Promote the business benefits of race diversity for both employees and customers.
  • Take the lead on specific race diversity issues within the business (and globally where appropriate).


  • Represent the race agenda for the organisation at Board meetings and at external events.
  • Seek out community opportunities to reinforce learning and promote company reputation.
  • Read/research best practice in race diversity initiatives and use findings to inform decisions.
  • Actively support employee networks and mentoring within the organisation and make use of internal cultural diversity networks as a sounding board for issues.
  • Review employee opinion survey results and develop/implement/adapt strategy as appropriate.
  • Work with HR and Diversity & Inclusion Managers to agree diversity priorities.


RfO recommends that leaders have an advisory, support, working group, committee or network to support them and increase organisational engagement.

Suggested actions for advisory, support, working group or networks:

  • Lead development and implementation of race diversity and inclusion strategy that is aligned with the organisation's mission.
  • Identify specific barriers to race progression and plan their removal.
  • Develop a means to measure and provide reporting on the progress of the organisation's race diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Make recommendations to business and unit leaders on what activities need to be initiated in order to move the race agenda forward.
  • Members should be strong team players with ability to influence others and gain their support.
  • Have a commitment to collaborate and work successfully with multiple levels of stakeholders.