Job Description for a Race Champion Stage 1

The first stage in developing the role of Race Champion

Identify the leader

The most effective leadership starts from the top of the organisation.  Strong leadership in the area of diversity is critical to the success of any diversity and inclusion programme. Commitment from senior leaders of the organisation is essential at the outset of establishing a race champion role.  

Following a recent discussion with the RfO board and UK business leaders, four qualities were identified as the key attributes of anyone working on a diversity priority, or taking up a race champion role:

  • Ability to listen and understand what is happening within the organisation and proactively take appropriate action on race issues/inequalities.
  • A willingness to admit what has worked and what has not and the ability to learn from experiences.
  • Prepared to allocate ample time and commitment to the race agenda.
  • Be brave and willing to take a stand on key areas where a step-change is needed.

Create the organisation framework

The level at which the race diversity champion role can be established within an organisation will depend on the current infrastructure that exists to support diversity and inclusion e.g. - 

  • Has the organisation openly communicated its commitment to diversity and inclusion through it mission statement and policies?
  • Does the organisation have a diversity strategy including measurable goals?
  • Does the organisation have a professional support mechanism .i.e. D&I/HR department?
  • Does the organisation set tasks and targets monitored through performance appraisal?
  • Does the organisation have the ability to go through a process of change?

The job decription  is an amalgamation of activities carried out by race diversity champions from some of RfO's network employers. The ‘job description’ is a basic template to help employers share with leaders what actions they could take when looking to create such a role.