How to Conduct Diverse Recruitment

A series of documents designed to assist and offer guidance in the workplace for the recruitment of ethnic minorities. These documents will help in the development of a framework that provides checks and balances in the recruitment process for employers and recruitment agencies together with a comprehensive guide for employers to monitor ethnicity. These documents form part of the Race for Opportunity Race and Recruitment research that offers pragmatic and practical guidance on conducting diverse recruitment.

Recruiting Diverse Candidates

A ' how to' guide for both employers and recruitment agencies working together to improve the processes around recruiting diverse candidates.

How to Conduct Diverse Recruitment


Encouraging Partnerships between Employers and Agencies

A model template to encourage a partnership approach between employers and agencies.

Commitment to Diversity In Recruitment


Candidate Self Declaration

Model templates for employers or agencies to help improve self declaration of candidates

England, Scotland and Wales

Northern Ireland

The Tracking and Reporting of Candidates

Model templates to agencies to track and report the diversity profile of candidates to their clients from the attraction through to the appointment stage.

England Scotland and Wales

Northern Ireland


Best Practice Recommendations

Ensuring equal access to opportunities for diverse job applicants.

Best Practice Tips for Employers


The following fact sheet  is a summary of the key research findings from this study of more than 2,500 people who have looked for work in the UK in the last twelve months.  It is important to note that the sample is not purely random, it was achieved by RfO member and partner organisations, including a number of key recruitment agencies, sending a link to the survey to the candidates on their contact databases. 

Best Practice Tips for Recruitment Agencies


As part of the Mayoral initiative to support businesses and strengthen their ability to become more diverse, Race for Opportunity (RfO) and Diversity Works for London (DWfL) commissioned a piece of research into job seekers experiences of recruitment agencies.  The research was carried out by SPA Future Thinking.

Best Practice Tips for Job Seekers