Equality, Diversity and Racism in the Workplace

Executive Summary / Introduction





This report, “Equality, Diversity and Racism in the workplace: A qualitative analysis of the 2015 Race at Work Survey”, is a thematic review by the University of Manchester of more than 5,000 comments on racial bullying and harassment and senior leadership received as part of the Race at Work survey in 2015.  The report draws attention to the nature, scale, impact and persistence of racism in the workplace.

When we published our Race at Work report in 2015 we chose not to share the shocking and saddening comments shared by respondents – more than 2,000 on racial bullying and harassment and more than 3,000 on senior leadership – as we wanted to take the time to undertake a robust analysis.  We are grateful for the support of Dr Stephen Ashe and Professor James Nazroo from the University of Manchester’s Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) for conducting this review of more than 5,000 comments. All data was collected by YouGov as part of the Race at Work survey in 2015.


The University of Manchester has outlined specific recommendations for government and for employers to ensure that ethnic minorities in the UK workplaces do not experience racist behaviour from colleagues, managers, customers, clients and service users in their daily working lives.

The Full Story

The report outlines the varied forms of racism within UK workplaces and provides employers with actions for addressing racism and racial inequality from the boardroom to the shop floor.