Testing Unconscious Racial bias over any other bias

People in the UK are more interested in testing their racial bias than their bias towards age, gender or sexuality.

A key finding from our Race at Work survey is that we are not really comfortable talking about race. 

This infographic shows that only 21% of users of the Project Implicit test on unconscious bias for race in the UK were encouraged to do so through their employer. This is in stark contrast with 53% for users of the gender test, 48% for the age test and 27% for the sexuality test.

However, when analysing the data we found that the race test was three times more likely to be accessed than the other tests despite people not being encouraged to do so by their employers.

Britons are interested in testing themselves for potential unconscious racial bias.  When we consider this and the Race at Work survey that overall we aren’t really comfortable talking about race - it’s time to take action to change that.



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Business in the Community partnered with The University of Manchester's Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) to analyse results from Project Implicit's Implicit Association Test (IAT) for unconcious bias that had been taken in the UK between 2006 and 2013.