Race at Work Regional Trends in the UK

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Data is one of, if not the most critical, starting points for any organisation wanting to build fair and inclusive workplaces that are fully representative of the diversity of the UK population.  For those employers with regional hubs, it is important to recognise that one size does not fit all.  Our regional Race at Work data can help employers to action plan, and deliver programmes and activity at a local level.


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This toolkit is designed to be used in tandem with our interactive infographic - ‘Race at Work: regional trends in the UK’.  The interactive infographic shows white and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) responses to six questions from the Race at Work survey by region which asked if they: 

  1. Enjoy working at their organisation?
  2. Are satisfied / dissatisfied with how their career has developed?
  3. Have experienced / witnessed racial bullying or harassment from managers?
  4. Want a mentor?
  5. Want to be on a fast track programme?
  6. Feel comfortable talking about race?

The infographic data can help employers:

  • To better understand whether there is a need for tailored regional diversity programmes
  • To establish whether there might be demand for a new initiative or programme
  • As a benchmarking tool to compare overall performance  and results to regional figures
  • To identify best practice and successes across locations/regions in order to analyse ‘what works’ and implement this more widely across the business
  • To inform development of targets, objectives and KPIs
  • To use as a conversation starter nationally and regionally 


Number of respondents completing survey questions:

  • Enjoy working at their organisation’
  • Are dissatisfied with how their career has developed
  • Have experienced/witnessed racial harassment/bullying from managers’
  • Employees feel comfortable talking about race
    Base: White (n=2,891) BAME (n=2,935).  
  • Want a mentor
    Base: White (2,479) BAME (2,001).  
  • Want to be on a fast track programme
    Base: White (n=2,638) BAME (2,540).