Race at work infographics

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Racial Bias Infographics

We have published a series of three infographics exploring unconscious racial bias around the world: 

1 Is Britain Biased? Exploring the results of implicit racial bias test data from the UK, USA and Europe based on the Harvard Implicit Association Test.
Europe has the highest racial bias compared to the UK and USA, and people aged 18-24 have the highest racial bias of all age groups.
Learn more about the Harvard Implicit Association Test>>

2. Why do the British choose to test their racial bias over any other bias?
 This shows that British people are interested in talking about race, and that the news agenda is their greatest influencer.
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3. Racial bias in sectors around the world. Reveals the different levels of unconscious racial bias employees in
12 sectors have – with comparisons across the UK, USA and Europe.
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