Recruitment: Good Recruitment Campaign

  • Over 270 employers signed up
  • Employing over 2 million people
  • Access to workshops, peer-reviews and self-assessment tools


The Good Recruitment Campaign helps organisations benchmark their current recruitment methods and reinvigorate their strategies in order to attract the right candidate. Led by the REC and a panel of employers and experts including CIPD, City and Guilds Group, EY and Vodafone the initiative promotes inclusive hiring practices, flexible work, quality candidate experiences and continuous improvement to enable organisations to acquire the talent they need to perform and grow.

At the heart of the Good Recruitment Campaign is the Good Recruitment Charter which defines good recruitment practice through nine key principles that the organisations who sign up to the charter will aspire to.

Upon joining the initiative, organisations are provided with direct access to a large network of HR/In-house recruitment professionals. Signatories also benefit from workshops, conferences, peer-reviews and self-assessment tools. With over 270 companies signed up, representing more than 2 million employees the campaign is going from strength to strength.

The Good Recruitment Campaign welcomes all businesses that are committed to resourcing the right way.


What employers say:

“We are fully supportive of the Good Recruitment Charter and all that it stands for – at its core it is a responsible and candidate-centric approach, which we strive to demonstrate in every single interaction we have.” Kellogg’s

“We are honoured to be joining the Good Recruitment Campaign. EY has always prided itself on being best in class for the attraction, selection and retention of top talent. EY is dedicated to building a better working world, so we are constantly looking for ways enhance the candidate experience.”   EY

“We have joined the Good Recruitment Campaign to work on the effectiveness of our recruitment strategies. After coming onboard, the initiative provided us with critical guidance from workshops, research data, and a rich network of HR and Recruitment professionals. We decided to rebuild our entire recruitment processes alongside the Good Recruitment Charter, which has resulted in an enhanced candidate experience, shorter recruitment times, and an improved service to hiring managers, and significant cost reductions. We highly encourage more businesses to sign up to the charter and support the campaign.” Agrekko

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