Race Equality Awards 2016 - Role Models in the Workplace (small org) - Pertemps

Patti Sidhu, Senior Manager



Patti’s goals include bringing a fresh approach to Pertemps’ policy on equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) and ensuring that ED&I issues remain high on the organisation’s agenda. As ED&I champion, her strategy links directly to Pertemps’ strategic plan. She works hand-in-hand with Pertemps to inspire and inform future workforces, empower individuals and transform lives through meaningful and rewarding careers. 

Patti represents Pertemps at conferences and meetings, acts as a spokesperson and implements the corporate vision in terms of race equality by actively supporting employee networks and mentoring. She is a lead mentor for the Business in the Community (BITC) Midlands Mentoring Circle, working with management at leading clients to raise brand awareness within industry, and also runs Pertemps’ Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee.
Patti has also participated in a range of employability programme, career events and BAME community initiatives to meet her own objectives and Pertemps’ ED&I goals. These have included the Growing Talent programme, Brixton BAME Youth Mentoring programme and Inspiring Women, where she delivered career days at Basildon Academy.
Patti has personally developed initiatives to address issues, such as an e-learning unconscious bias training package for all managers and consultants. She also developed a ‘discovery training tool’ which is used by all regional branches and provides ED&I learning and support for new staff members during their probationary period.
Patti continually reviews, updates and communicates changes in ED&I policy to the workforce via the Board of Directors. She has successfully encouraged senior leaders to become part of the working party through networking with them to understand their perceptions of ED&I and how this is an integral part of working with external organisations. This has enabled her to push ED&I issues to the forefront of business planning. Patti has also championed the business case at board level for unconscious bias training.


  • Patti’s success in actively promoting ED&I has led to it becoming a main focus of the business and resulted in changed perceptions and increased awareness throughout Pertemps. This is evidenced in client-specific requests for support in addressing diversity issues within their own workforces and ED&I is now an integral part of the tendering process for business.
  • ED&I policy has been embraced by senior leaders and the unconscious bias training tool is currently being implemented. Patti’s work has also helped attract more BAME candidates into recruitment and helped the business understand future workforce demands in line with client requirements. She will continue as lead mentor on Growing Talent, Crisis and BITC mentoring circles.
  • Patti was also recently recognised at the annual Pertemps Awards where she won the Connie Watts Memorial Trophy, given to an individual who has gone above and beyond in promoting Pertemps’ values and having a lasting influence on local communities and clients. She has acted as a role model coming up through the ranks, showing others that it can be done and is achievable.