Race Equality Awards 2016 - Role Models in the Workplace (large org) - EY

Indy Hothi, Economic Advisory



Indy led an EY interfaith network for two years and during this time developed a strategy signalling the benefits of the D&I Network to EY. Although EY had a specific D&I strategy, it was not linked to support the BAME agenda within the firm. Indy recognised this and looked to leverage activity.

Indy supported EY’s Vision 2020 strategy to recruit the best talent. He worked alongside EY Recruitment on 15 university campuses to delivering graduate insight days for BAME students, targeting relevant student societies. Indy also co-ordinated teams to deliver sessions at EY offices and campus events to demystify the application process.
As part of EY’s UK-wide arts sponsorship and the new Sikh Network strategy, Indy created a platform showcasing local and emerging artists’ work focusing on Sikh history and culture. He also invited EY Partners sponsoring the arts to champion a D&I art exhibition exploring the diversity of British Sikh Men. The exhibition was funded by an external Kickstarter campaign, co-ordinated by Indy, and reached its funding target in 20 days. It was on display to all EY staff and subsequently featured in national media. This informed the work of wider stakeholders and in 2015 Indy was invited to co-ordinate cultural celebrations by the Mayor of London.
Indy has built on existing EY client relationships by sharing best practice on D&I programmes and has engaged with external guests and media. This includes hosting Vince Cable at EY to explore India’s contribution to the UK economy and securing a broadcast of televised debate on women in leadership at EY, which reached 4.5 million viewers. Indy has also ensured leadership support for these activities.


  • Since 2014, the Sikh Network has become EY’s third largest D&I network with over 1,600 members and 3,000 dedicated social media followers.
  • Graduate insight days have reached 300 students and 32 students who attended have secured places on City graduate programmes.
  • An estimated $500,000 of commercial business has been generated for EY due to client introductions at the D&I arts event Indy led, and in the last 24 months over 10 art-based D&I events have been held. Indy has created a platform to continue this by undertaking collaborations and leveraging global EY partnerships alongside support from leadership.
  • Indy has acted as an EY adviser to external organisations and been instrumental in setting up D&I networks, including Sikhs in Government and Goldman Sachs & HSBC Sikh Network. He was also selected to represent the accountancy profession and EY globally at the world’s largest youth leadership programme in Asia.
  • Indy has proved his ability to align and link multiple elements of a large firm to the D&I agenda to make a positive difference to the firm, its employees and external stakeholders. He is considered a role model and future leader.