Race Equality Awards 2016 - Champion and Executive Sponsor - KPMG

Murray Raisbeck, People Partner for Financial Services Audit and Partner Sponsor for African-Caribbean Network (ACN)

Within KPMG and with clients, Murray places a large emphasis on people development and talent management and actively promotes inclusive cultures. He is passionate about innovation and believes a more diverse workforce is an obvious starting point for greater innovation both for KPMG and its clients.

Image of Murray Raisbeck from KPMG

All KPMG Partners are expected to commit to an Inclusive Leadership objective, and Murray sponsors the ACN as his objective.

To support ACN members’ career development and ensure the network has a voice on their progression within KPMG, Murray set up the MpowerMe career development programme in response to members' requests for a 'career development toolkit' and encouraged members to apply. The programme is designed and facilitated by a People Leader within KPMG and is delivered via two workshops aimed at B-C and D-E grade level employees.

Murray is an active mentor to the ACN Chair and supports Business in the Community (BITC) race equality campaign mentoring circles. He has also facilitated a meeting between KPMG's High Growth Team and ACN members to ensure the network is engaged with client commitments and foster a 'go to' market approach, and promoted GROW, a career development programme aimed at groups which are under-represented at senior level, to members.

Murray was involved in a review of findings from MPowerMe, BITC’s Race at Work report and KPMG’s Global People Survey, which led to the development of focus groups which looked at Black and Mixed race employees’ career progression. The focus groups will be facilitated by the Managing Director and Head of HR, giving ACN members the opportunity to discuss career progression at the most senior level, and will feed into KPMG’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.

Murray has hosted internal and external events including the BME Race for Opportunity event at KPMG's Inclusion Week, an Inclusive Leadership dinner with Partners where he championed race issues and a practitioners' event on Race at Work in April 2016. He has shared the Race at Work findings with his peers and encourages Partners to take ownership of the report's recommendations. Murray also champions the importance of all colleagues discussing what race equality means to them, including white senior colleagues.


  • 18 ACN members attended the first MPowerMe workshop, and the programme has now become integrated with ACN objectives with monthly meetings of all participants scheduled along with future workshops.
  • Since the implementation of GROW in June 2015 one BAME individual has been promoted to Partner and one to Director level, with very positive feedback, and 100% of the three GROW cohorts have rated the workshops as “Good” or “Positive”.
  • 16 members of the ACN have taken part in Race Mentoring Circles with positive feedback from participants of the impact on their confidence and ability to network with peers from client organisations.