Progression: Stepping Up

Group of people in Bristol Stepping Up Under the leadership of Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol and Cllr Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor   50 Employers across commercial, public, voluntary, and charitable sectors pledged their support to work together to change the diversity of the leadership landscape in Bristol. The catalyst for action was Baroness McGregor consultative Roundtable which contributed to the Race in the Workplace report.

Stepping Up BAME leadership development programme has been co-created with employers.  The architect of the programme (Prof) Christine Bamford turned the vision into a practical process of skill uplift and development opportunities.    46 participants were selected for the programme twice the number originally envisaged. 

The 12-month programme commenced on 22nd/23rd January and participants will be on a journey that will include:

  • Leadership Development Modules
  • Mentoring
  • Stretch assignment in another organisation
  • Peer learning sets
  • A documentary film

“I wanted action now – not in 12 months time,” said Cllr Asher Craig. So rather than a prolonged search for funding employers gave their internal resources to make the programme happen, eg expertise, venues, speakers, mentors, stretch assignment, evaluation.  This is the unique differentiator to other BAME initiatives. Stepping Up has created a connected society across Bristol City who have pledged and given a commitment to making diversity real and part of the DNA of the city.

Business in the Community has been an active contributor to the delivery of the programme.