Progression case study: BAME 2020

  1. 50+ Advisors & Ambassadors Engaged
  2. 6+ Quarterly Meetings since the 2015 launch at Google have delivered:
  • outreach to young people by highlighting career opportunities in MMC
  • work with numerous partner supporters to spread the message including Social Mobility Foundation, My Big Careers & Grey Advertising



The UK’s game-changing and inclusive social enterprise initiative for attracting and retaining young BAME talent in the Marketing, Media and Communications (MMC) sector.
A long-term programme committed to sustainable change and working towards the aim of securing 20% of MMC leaders from a BAME background, currently 6%.
BAME Ambassadors have been appointed to galvanise imaginative initiatives that will encourage young talent to enter the MMC industries.Supporting the Ambassadors, are the
BAME2020 Advisory Steering Group made up of high profile leaders across the entire industry.

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