BAME and Apprenticeships: Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network



  • 600 apprentices across the UK at any one time.
  • 6 million people to be reached through the Rolls-Royce STEM education programme by 2020.
  • 5% Club members.

With a long and proud history of apprenticeships, Rolls-Royce has experienced the many advantages of developing the careers of young people. With several of the company’s leadership team being former apprentices, Rolls-Royce is aware of the pipeline of talent and potential its apprenticeships can develop. In addition, its membership to the 5% Club, which requires a promise to ensure 5% of employees are apprentices, graduates or sponsored students.

Rolls-Royce has an array of programmes and levels on offer covering all areas of business from engineering to accounting. Diversity is a key priority for the business, and Rolls-Royce has embarked on a series of diversity initiatives to attract talent from underrepresented groups – primarily focusing on engaging women, BAME and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds in STEM subjects. 



The BBC 
Apprenticeship legacy following the Olympics apprenticeship
  • 237 apprentices now employed; increase from just 20 in 2012.
  • 22.5% intake of apprentices in 2016 were from BAME community
  • 11.5% of the 2016 intake have a disability.
  • 50 pre-apprenticeship training placements offered.
  • 1000 work experience opportunities available.

Following on from the BBC’s 2012 Olympics ‘legacy’ Production Apprenticeship, the profile and number of apprenticeships at the BBC has grown, with opportunities right across the UK. This number is set to grow further over the next 18 months as the BBC works towards achieving a new apprenticeship target of 430+.
Wide-ranging apprenticeships are available across the breadth of its business; from Local and Network Journalism, TV and Radio Production, Law, Business Management to Cyber Security, Digital, Broadcast Engineering and Broadcast Operations. Faced with an ageing workforce in STEM areas, apprenticeships have been a great way for the BBC to plug some critical skills gaps in Engineering and identify high potential raw talent early in the pipeline. 

Greeate Careers
Where information is scarce, hope finds it hard to exist.

Creeate Careers works with schools and organisations running events and projects that help put young people in a better position to make better-informed decisions for their future by providing them with valuable opportunities and information from different career paths/companies. The organisation also creates informative and relatable videos on different career paths bridging what they call the information gap between the young person or student and the professional world.

Further to this, Creeate Careers are exploring how technology can help make education and career options better understood. While also working on making the process of exploring and finding careers more effective for the individual. | To be Great is to Create