Race at Work Regional Insight - South West

24,457 workers in the UK participated in Business in the Community’s Race at Work survey. Every region participated giving a unique insight into how people feel about race at work. This factsheet shares some of the South West regional insights drawn from the survey - evidence of leadership and sadly the existence of racial harassment/bullying. The insight is supported by the latest statistics available on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) populations in the South West and UK.

With the introduction of Regional Governance, it has never become more important to have information on the key demographics of the local populations and cities, to ensure there is inclusive engagement. It is important to understand the diversity in the demographic profile of cities within the South West which is 5% BAME in contrast to Bristol which is 16%, more than treble that representation. If we take into account the non-’White British’ population, which includes the Eastern European population, the ethnic minority make up is 22% of the total population in Bristol. The largest increases by ethnic group have been in White Other, Black African, Black Other and Mixed/multiple ethnic groups which reflect the large growth in the Somali and the Polish populations in Bristol, as well as an increase in international students and the increasing population of children from a Mixed/multiple ethnic background.


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