Fact file - UK Labour Market Status by Ethnicity (April-June 2014)

During the second quarter of 2014 (April to June), the proportion of people aged from 16 - 64 in work (the employment rate), was 72.9%.  White people had the highest employment rate at 74.5% and Pakistani people had the lowest employment rate at 49.8%. 
See figure 1.

The unemployment rates for most black Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups continue to be two to three times higher than the unemployment rate for white people. Indian and Chinese people have the closest unemployment rates to white people (see figure 3).
The unemployment rate for Bangladeshi women at 25.7% is five times higher than for white women, (5.2%).  See figure 4

In the second quarter of 2014, there were 8.97 million people aged from 16 - 64 who were out of work and not seeking or available for work (known as economically inactive).1.58 million were BAME. The overall economic inactivity rate was 22.2%. The inactivity rate for Pakistani people was 40.1%, almost double the rate of white people (21.0%). See figure 5. A review of inactivity rates by gender shows the inactivity rates to be almost two and half times higher for Pakistani and Bangladeshi women, 61.3% and 61.9% respectively, compared to white women,(26.0%).There have been several explanations based on cultural lifestyles for this difference.


UK Labour Market Status by Ethnicity (July - Sept 2014) Figure 1: Employment Rates for all Aged 16 - 64


























Graph 3 Unemployment rates for all ages 16+












Graph 4 Unemployment rates by Gender for those aged 16+