BAME women in the police forces (England and Wales)

Women make up over half (50.8%) of the resident population of England and Wales and at the last Census, 13.9% or 3.9 million of these women were from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)
background. Recent data from the Annual Population Survey shows that BAME women currently make up 15% of the female working age population of England and Wales. 

This factsheet looks at the representation of BAME women in the police forces of England and Wales by actual numbers, positions held and progression to date. We know that progression is
important to BAME women because the findings from Business in the Community's Race at Work survey conducted by YouGov in 2015 involving 24,457 UK participants, of which 55% were women,
told us so. It revealed that not only do BAME women want to be in the workplace, the overwhelming majority want to progress. The extent of their wish to progress varied considerably by ethnic minority group. 82% of Black African women responded positively, compared to 37% of white women.

Key fact: 
Amongst the 4.9% of female BAME officers, women from the 'Mixed race' ethnic minority group had the largest representation (34%), followed closely by Asian officers who made up 33% of all BAME female officers.


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Image by Leonora Saunders as part of the Business in the Community gender campaign Same But Different project. 
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