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15 March 2016 - 1:28pm
24,457 workers in the UK participated in Business in the Community’s Race at Work survey. Every region participated giving a unique insight into how people feel about race at work. This factsheet shares some of the regional insights drawn from the survey - evidence of leadership and, sadly, the existence of racial harassment/bullying. The insight is supported by the latest regional statistics available on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) populations in the UK. Read more
4 January 2016 - 1:16pm
There are a significant number of British BAME students who are specifically studying STEM-related subjects at UK universities - one fifth of all UK-domiciled STEM students are from a BAME background and as such, are an essential part of the UK STEM talent pipeline. Published: February 2015 Read more
4 December 2015 - 1:52pm
Almost 8% of the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP) of the UK is generated by the retail section. 25% of ethnic minority households earned over £30,000 in 2000. Published: May 2010 Read more