Mustafa Mohammed

Member of the Race for Opportunity Youth Advisory Panel. A group of young people aged between 16 & 24 years old chosen to work with Race for Opportunity to find solutions to the challenges of unemployment and progression.

With the enormity of the problems young people are facing today, it is down to young people like us to voice the problems loud and clear. Using John Wooden’s quote ‘When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking at all’, my hope is to add whatever knowledge and insight I can to help the Youth Advisory Panel as a whole to hopefully conceive innovative solutions to make headway in these pressing times. Personally, I’m taking a Gap Year to not only further my knowledge in the energy, housing and telecoms sectors which I’d like to eventually set up a social enterprise in all within a decade. I’m a keen believer in using Wooden’s quote to help myself apply business to the pressing issues in society in general.