Kofi Siaw

Member of the Race for Opportunity Youth Advisory Panel. A group of young people aged between 16 & 24 years old chosen to work with Race for Opportunity to find solutions to the challenges of unemployment and progression.

Image of Kofi Siaw

Hi my name is Kofi Siaw and I am 20 years old.  I am a 2nd year law student and my future aspiration is to work as a lawyer in an international law firm. The main reason why I chose to apply for the role on the RfO panel is because as a young person, ethnic minority unemployment is an actual reality for me.  I saw this as a legitimate opportunity to be a part of tangible change in our society.  I also believe it is a very good chance for influential members of organisations to get real solutions from the people who are actually affected by this.
What I am personally hoping to gain from this experience is first of all, real change in our society. Secondly, I see this as a chance to meet influential people from companies and organisations which would enable me to broaden my career profile.
Work Experience
I had the privilege of having a one week work experience at Schofield and Associates, an employment law firm in Knowle. The experience and knowledge I have gained is invaluable. From just sitting in and observing the law firm I learnt much about the business aspect of a law firm. I learnt the importance of building solid relationships with clients and how this has a positive business output.
One of my main responsibilities whilst I was on work experience was researching on cases. This was of practical importance to me because research is an important aspect of being a lawyer. What was also important for me was the fact that I was researching on live cases, this gave me a greater sense of importance as I was contributing to the business of the firm.
Mentoring Experience
Having a mentor has been a very good and productive experience for me. The experience and knowledge which my mentor has brought to me has proved very beneficial in shaping my perception of aspects of my approach to certain things. One of the main reasons why I wanted a mentor was that I felt I needed assistance particularly when it came to careers. My mentor, coming from the recruitment sector was well suited to enhancing my personal profile and increasing my employability. My mentor helped look through my CV and cover letter to find the little details to improve it, such as using consistent spacing throughout and phrasing my sentences in ways which would highlight my skills and achievements in a much coherent manner.