Ashleigh Ainsley


Born and raised in South East London, Ashleigh has worked as a technology strategist for a range of retailers since graduating from Oxford University with a BA Hons in Geography. 

Ashleigh's experience ranges back from the age 14 when he started working for the Young Mayors Campaign on political activism. Ashleigh worked with many government and public sector organisations on youth engagement strategy and has always worked in the voluntary in his spare time since. 

Not shy of having an opinion, Ashleigh has debated with national politicians and worked with Higher Education officials regarding the issue of access for ethnic minorities to some of the UK's most prestigious universities. Combining this with his strategic experience, Ashleigh has provided valuable insight and direction for a number of partner companies for BITC since joining the panel in 2014. Having received received numerous appointments and accolades including Vice President of an Oxford College and as a Top 100 future black leader, Ashleigh offers a particularly novel perspective on many issues, challenges, and outlooks facing some of Britain’s most talented black and minority ethnic graduates.