Tony Chanmugam, Group Finance Director, BT Group











Tony was appointed Group Finance Director of BT Group on 1 December 2008 when he also joined the BT Group Board.

In his career at BT, Tony has established a strong reputation for cost transformation, holding senior positions in BT Retail, as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and as Managing Director of BT Enterprises. Prior to joining BT Retail, he was CFO and then jointly CFO and COO (Chief Operating Officer) for BT Global Solutions, a business serving multinational organisation in more than 100 countries. During this 6 year period the business grew from £500M to circa £3 billion revenue.

He is a Chartered Management Accountant. Outside work he is a sports enthusiast and played cricket at a senior amateur level.  He is now resigned to playing golf but still hasn’t achieved his ambition of a single figure golf handicap. His main passion is the childrens home he is building in Sri Lanka. He is married.